It gives us great pleasure to provide this reference for Ryan.

It is not simply that he found an acceptable buyer for our house within eight days and at a price far outreaching our expectations - rather it is the professionalism demonstrated by him, by his colleagues and by the Company in marketing the property and in his very close liaison with us at all stages.

Both of us were sceptical of the methods by which we understood the property would be marketed as we had a rather traditional understanding as to the best method to market real estate. Indeed we informed Ryan that if we were buyers ourselves we would not be attracted by the methods proposed.

It says a great deal for his perseverance and gentle persuasiveness (actually quite good qualities for a real estate representative) that we finally agreed to instruct him as our agent. We are now converts to his way of thinking because he has proved himself for which we are profoundly grateful.

This man can be trusted as a consummate professional and a most pleasant person to deal with.