Robert Symonds
Property Consultant



My formal engineering training led me to travel extensively throughout Australia being involved with major projects dealing with designers, architects, facility managers, developers providing many opportunities to fuel my passion for real estate.

Since my family settled in Perth in the late 1990’s, my wife and I have been heavily involved in (our hobby) residential real estate - building, renovating, investing in off the plan projects here in WA, as well as in Sydney, Melbourne and country Victoria.

A previous member of the Property Council of WA, I have many contacts in the industry. Recently, I got the opportunity to join One Agency South in Fremantle - I am looking forward to ‘working at’ my life long hobby.

Having many years providing one on one high ticket solutions (maintaining customers for 15 years), I am looking forward to using this experience to guide my clients in the purchase and or sale of what is usually their single largest investment.

Robert Symonds - Testimonials

I met Rob quite by chance when I visited Perth recently. I asked him about property prices and availability in Perth and Fremantle as I had an idea in mind to to move back to Perth, to free up some capital from my overpriced Sydney townhouse. I was looking for an apartment and, with no pressure at all, he took me to see two apartments that he thought may suit. I told him that I hadn't yet decided and would go back to Sydney to discuss it with family there.

I found Rob to be empathic and likeable and instinctively felt this was a person I could trust which hasn't always been the case in my previous encounters with estate agents!

He contacted me after my return to Sydney and was understanding when I told him I was not ready to make a decision yet and possibly would not be making the move after all.

I have decided that if I do eventually decide to move to Perth I will contact him, and only him, to look for something suitable as he took trouble to listen to exactly what I was looking for and immediately noted my requirements, without trying to steer me in any other direction or trying to influence me with sales talk.

Thank you, Rob, for restoring my faith in estate agents!